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Dental services is now closed   


 Dental Services in our Area

Henry County Health Department closed its dental services on October 2, 2015.  For the past several months, Henry County Health Department has been working toward the transition of its dental operations to the Health Partners of Western Ohio’s Federally-Qualified Health Center in Bryan, Ohio. The Bryan facility is slated to open in mid-December, however due to the recent resignation of the health department’s dentist, the dental clinic had to close sooner than expected in early October. This does not impact any other service provided by Henry County Health Department.  The Health Department will continue to serve the residents of Henry County at 1843 Oakwood Avenue in Napoleon.

“This isn’t easy to do when patients’ care and people’s jobs are involved,” says Anne Goon, Health Commissioner. “Though the transition didn’t happen as smoothly as we had hoped, we are confident the Health Partners of Western Ohio facility in Bryan can meet our patients’ needs more effectively and offer them services we simply cannot."

As a Federally-Qualified Health Center, Health Partners of Western Ohio can offer residents of Northwest Ohio access to comprehensive and affordable health care services. The new state-of-the-art facility will address dental, medical, mental health and addiction, and pharmacy needs.  With brand new equipment, a larger facility, and more staff, clients will experience shorter wait times and be able to get their needs met under one roof.

Health department dental staff have been aware of the October closing and were provided the opportunity to apply for positions at the Health Partners’ Bryan site.  Interviews were scheduled for mid-October and many health department dental clinic employees look forward to continuing to serve Henry County residents in the new Bryan facility.

“The next two months will not be easy, but the eventual result will be that our former dental patients and other residents of Northwest Ohio will have access to more comprehensive care in one convenient location,” expressed Goon.

All patient records will be maintained at the Health Department and can be easily transferred per the patient’s request. “Change is never easy, but in the end the services provided by Health Partners will be more comprehensive than we could offer and the health and well- being of our residents is our main priority,” stated Goon.






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